Friday, May 21, 2010

Look Who's Snogging the Boy

Sorry must stop ogling. Oh yeah there is a reason why I have the pictures of two gorgeous men on my blog this evening.

Matt Smith on the left is now easily recognisable to all Doctor Who fans but the young man on the left is Douglas Booth, who you may have seen earlier this week in Worried About the Boy playing the lead Boy George. Well they are currently shooting a drama in Belfast about the gay author Christopher Isherwood (played by Smith) who wrote A Single Man there is to be some tonsil tennis going on apparently. Based on his memoires of the same name the drama Christopher and his Kind tells of his escape from his suffocating mother to pre-war Nazi Germany.

Booth is playing is playing a street cleaner who Isherwood has a brief relationship with, best not remind the real Boy George of this chapter of his life story.

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