Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Have a Second Plot

At the start of 2009 I like many others acquired a plot of land near Heathrow Airport. At the recent general election the reason for us acquiring that plot suceeded, there is to be no third runway going over our little plot.

Therefore today I heard that another cause that has been close to my heart is also splitting up a plot. So I became 'one of Menie' (many) in putting my name to The Bunker that Donald Trump doesn't want to have as a hazard in his way to his golf course. Indeed it is a plot of land that his project cannot go ahead without access to.

Yeah this is one plot of land that essential to Donald Trump ripping up and controlling the greatest dune system in Scotland and affecting an area of special scientific interest.

No doubt Ruariadh Dobson will continue to say that I am "dead wrong", but at least I'm being consistant.


James Mackenzie said...

Good work! I do much prefer it when we agree. Those are also the occasions when you're right, too, in case there's any doubt.

Jeff said...

Nice, grassroots tactics, quite literally.

I should say that if you end up owning too much land then you could be in line for a peerage. Lord Stephen of Linlithgow or (forgive me) Monarch of the Glenn.

I'll be off...

Debra Storr said...

Thank you


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