Saturday, April 03, 2010

Grayling Not Fit to be Home Secretary

The Observer is reporting that Chris Grayling has told bed and breakfast owners that are totally within their rights to turn away same sex couples from their establishments. This really is turning the Tories back to the bad old days of the 80s. Also contravening the equality laws that Labour have brought in over the last 13 years.

What next?

Will they stop our schools protecting gay pupils from homophobic bullying? If they want to.

Will they allow employers to sack people purely on the basis of their sexual orientation? If they want to.

What happened to the Conservative party that March Pink Times said was making most impression with first time gay voters?

Maybe that David Cameron slip up with Gay Times (below) was merely the slipping of the mask about the true level of Conservative acceptance of homosexuality.

Updat with Fact Check: Iain Dale says he had to disagree with Grayling but has also gone for the following defence:

Do I believe Chris Grayling is homophobic? No, I do not. Do I believe that his views, as expressed, will be damaging. Yes I do. He has just issued the following statement...
"Any suggestion that I am against gay rights is wholly wrong - it is a matter of record that I voted for civil partnerships. I also voted in favour of the legislation that prohibited bed and breakfast owners from discriminating against gay people. However, this is a difficult area and on Wednesday I made comments which reflected my view that we must be sensitive to the genuinely held principles of faith groups in this country. But the law is now clear on this issue, I am happy with it and would not wish to see it changed."

Which would be well and good only They Work for You tells us that Grayling has voted moderately against equal gay rights. So just how has he voted on those issues.

For that Tory biggy repealling section 28 he was actually absent from the vote. He was actually a teller for vote agaist allowing same-sex couples to adopt. He'd also voted for there being an other sex 'role model' as part of the embryology and fertilisation bill consistently saying that a male and female are required in a family model.

However, in Chris's own words he voted for civil partnerships, that is only part of the story, he did vote for it in 2004 but on the 21 October 2001 he voted against bringing such a bill before the house.


cynicalHighlander said...

So it is true that the Lib Dems don't believe in truth and honesty by not publishing comments showing the error of your assertions. Councillor Terry Kelly will be proud of you.

Stephen Glenn said...

Cynical I had checked three times this evening if there were any comments that required moderation, blogger kept telling me there were none. It would appear there was an issue with Blogger.

If you want to check they have all now been approved. At the time just before my selection I gave the reasons for the change in my moderation policy, it was as a result of other bloggers, including SNP Tactical Voting, being bombarded with potentially libelous blog posts and that is something I am not prepared to put my agent through as a result of not pre-moderating blog posts when I do not have the normal availability to check them and the responibility bing soley my own.

cynicalHighlander said...

I also checked and this latest blog was up and running yet no comments on your previous one were visable.

One can only make assumptions on what one sees at a given space in time. Look at your previous 4-5 posts and 0 comments brings up warning signs, I might of jumped to conclusions and I'll leave it at that.

Jay Blanc said...

What concerns me is that he’s still on the Front Benches after failing to make a full retraction of something that directly contradicts the party leader. This is the unwritten rule, you can’t sit on the front benches and criticise your leader. If you’re caught doing it, then you recant, or your resignation letter is expected.

Is Cameron beholden to the right wing of his party, and *can’t* ask for his resignation?


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