Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Campaign Diary: Suddenly It's Real

So yesterday finally yesterday morning we had the starting pistol in sight and the finish line also. The news has leaked out, through the media and the Internet, the night before that Gordon was going to visit the Queen, as Mark Pack says not like days of yore. We didn't realise that Her Majesty was going to have to helicopter in specially to Buckingham Palace though. And where was I?

Well the necessities of work meant that I had to finish off the job I had started on the first and get the quarterly reports completed and out to the managers of of various business supports around the globe. But things did not all run smoothly at work yesterday and more and more questions were being bounced back to me about things that meant I think I may well have done an extra 3 hours work, but it was all crammed into the 45 minutes longer I stayed at my desk than I intended.

However, I may well mark down the first hustings of the campaign as taking place at my desk at about 8:30 yesterday morning. Yeah people were starting to talk politics this election was no longer an abstract it was real.

The net result was that I was like a caged thoroughbred straining at the bit waiting to be released unto the course. Yeah even reading the announcement that there is to be a general election online still gets the adrenaline pumping in us political animals.

As it was once released out unto the world it was time to be out and about getting the voters attention. Before getting home in the dark to finally sit down to an evening meal at 10PM. Then opening my emails and seeing a massive increase in the number received. My first course of action was read the important ones then reply to the constituent ones. It did take some time, thankfully I'd done some of that during the day.

Then it was off to bed for less than four hours sleep to be up again at five. My mother used to moan about the fact that even as a child I needed very little sleep. In the heat of campaign it usually turns out to be a very useful trait. Another day has dawned and we need to keep getting the message out about the Lib Dem change that works for the voters. But for now fetch me an Earl Grey. Hot. Let's make it so.

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