Monday, March 15, 2010

Things Are Only Getting Worse - D:Nightmare

It was thirteen years ago that they brushed into power telling us that 'Things Can Only Get Better' to the words of D:Ream's anthem. The fact that the band's keyboard player Prof. Brain Cox has now said he's backing the Lib Dems must be an omen that they haven't.

But according to the leader in The Times this morning even the Labour manifesto is going to ignore the last 13 years. Was it really that long ago that John Prescott was encouraging Labour activists to Go Fourth, and now the voters aren't apparently being asked to give Labour a fourth term.

The Times looks back at those promises of a better Britain of the new cool Britannia:

"This is not the country that Tony Blair promised us. Ofsted reports that 40 per cent of 11-year-olds cannot read or count as they should. Unemployment today is at its highest level since Labour came to power. Almost a million under 25 are out of work, well over half a million have been out of work for over a year, and more than eight million people in Britain are economically inactive. Is this how Cool Britannia was supposed to look"

As for the Prime Minister himself, while chancellor he promised us he had done away with Tory Boom and Bust economics, he appears to have replaced it with Labour boom and bust. The only difference I've found thus far is that I'm still employed even though my salary is frozen, once again.

Back in 1997 Labour promised pledges to do stuff, now they are merely offering guarantees not to take stuff away. Who are they going to blame?

The last Tory Government was 13 years away. No Labour Government has had this much time to but things right. So that would fall on deaf ears.

The world? Well they did say that this recession was a global recession but it seems to have hit us worse that most of the rest of the world, and that includes Greece. So how can we explain that oh 'prudent one'.

Does that mean that the Tories are going to be the best option to get us out of this? Well no. There have been numerous world leaders who have cast doubt over the Conservative plan to get the UK out of this, and as for the man we think will be at the helm, George Osborne, there is already talk even amongst Tories that the shadow Chancellor may not get the job in government.

The Lib Dems are offering a sustainable recovery. One that doesn't hurt the pockets of those who are already most affected by the recession. We need to think differently, act differently and ensure that such a deep recession isn't allowed to happen. Labour and the Conservatives are both caught in the trap of promising certain people that things don't need to change. They are also both clutching at last minute straws, I saw both sides on Twitter wanting to take the raising the tax threshold to £10k yesterday. That is costed in the Lib Dem manifesto what about the other two.

The Lib Dems have realised we need an austerity budget going forward, but one that stimulates growth. That is why we have set aside for the time being some of the things we would dearly love to do, they aren't what is key right now, but concentrate on what this country needs to get back on its feet and stride off confidently again. The other parties don't seem to the get it and the SNP worst of all. That's why the only real change that can build a fairer Britain is coming with the Lib Dems. That's why Nick Clegg's hope of one in three voters realising that now as we build up to the election isn't pie in the sky.

Things can still get better, you just need to see how.

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