Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scottish Televsion Underdog Supporter #STVFail

At the moment all the ITV regions bar those in Scotland are watching the Nick Clegg interview with Mary Nightingale. So what you say?

Well we have had the Gordon Brown interview with Piers Morgan and the David Cameron one with Trevor McDonald. The latter is the issue, there is one Conservative MP in Scotland, their leader in Scotland Annabel Goldie has said that Cameron can win the Westminster election without taking seats in Scotland. Oppose that to Nick Clegg who has 12 of his MPs in Scotland is determined that his party will take more. Of all the people that the people of Scotland need to know about is the one who says that it is the people who will be kingmakers in the event of a hung government, but we will do it on what we believe.

What we believe is likely to be front and foremost in this interview, yet that is not going to be shown now on Sunday night just after Dancing on Ice and the news like Brown and Cameron have had.

STV must justify why they are supporting the smallest Westminster group of the Scottish parties in this way while ignoring the second largest.

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DougtheDug said...

A dreadful situation Stephen.

One of the four main parties in Scotland being blanked from the TV screen in Scotland.

I think this is an issue which goes right against the Lib-Dem philosophy on fairness and equal representation.


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