Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Quizzical Recompense

You know it is nice to know that Drumlanrig peruses this blog on a regular basis to fill his diary column in the Scotland on Sunday. I see that he took the "and finally" piece from my blog post after Nick Clegg's speech to get a few laughs this weekend. The question was asked very much tongue in cheek and taken in that way. I did in fact have a different tongue in cheek question if I had have had the opportunity to interview Nick as originally planned. I'm so glad our leaders are able to laugh at themselves and show their human side.

Tavish Scott had in fact seemed genuinely shocked that he hadn't paid a donation to LYS's quiz last year. It is a fundraiser for the youth wing but being a party leader he was merely doing the rounds of events, but he has supported the organisation at other times through the year.

This year I'm pleased to report that Tavish not only turned up again and paid, but got involved in reading out the questions and scores for one of the rounds. Even better although Nick Clegg was unable to attend he did sign the prizes pictured (acquired at no great expense from a pound shop) that were given out on the night.

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