Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Mrs Moffatt is Abandoning her Tuffett

There were few more marginal Labour seats than the 405 seat majority that I felt gutted by in 2005 in Edinburgh South. But at a majority of 37 Laura Moffatt had one of them in Crawley.

Now we learn that the former Nurse who was one of the new Blair Babes in 1997 is not seeking re-election. Sadly it another female member who is saying that despite the changes in recent years it is the 'toll on her family life' that is the reason why she is stepping down.

Laura took her narrow win in good spirit, allegedly she has a tattoo on her left foot of a Labour rose with the number 37 as a permanent reminder of the 5 May 2005. Although it looks like come the early hours of 7 May this year someone else will be declared the new Member for Crawley.

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