Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Was This Fair, But....

Seeing this image of Tony Blair taken during yesterday's speech in Sedgefield reminds me of the fisherman's tale.

It was this fair, but it got away.

You know in 1997 I was somewhat excited, sure the Labour landslide meant they didn't have to rely on Lib Dems for support but there was a hope that things might get a little better, if not a Lib Dem better. I'd been a child of Thatcher I was 9 when she entered Downing Street I was 27 when the Conservatives finally left office.

To be honest there was some great fair stuff in that first term. A ten pence tax rate, a national minimum rage, civil partnerships, devolution to Scotland, Wales and erstwhile Northern Ireland (of sorts). But there were also taxes by stealth, the start of a central controlling state over our personal information, but there was pandering to the banks and the unions trying to keep sweet with all and having control over neither.

Then of course near the start of that second term 9/11 happened, thing became even more hyper sensitive, our liberties were getting more and more closed down, as if the terrorists had won, only the terror was coming from our own government. We set out to get rid of Saddam and to hell with a factual accurate reason for doing so or a UN resolution for that matter, we were going in. There were a few brave Labservative members of Parliament who voted with the Lib Dems against war in Iraq on the ground laid out, but they were not enough.

No that 10p tax rate has gone, there are more stealth taxes, the personal allowance of income is frozen despite a 3% inflation rate. So when Tony is saying:

Look, Gordon he's a good friend of mine. He's served for 10 years as chancellor and 3 as Prime Minister, he can give you a future that is fair for all.

Remember that Tony himself promised that things could 'only' get better. Which they have stopped doing for some time now they are getting worse so much for that only. There are 4 steps for a fairer Britain but they are not going to come from voting Labour, or Conservative in this election. It truly is the one that has got away from the Labour Party and the Conservatives have never really had a bite at that particular fish.

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