Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

As an Irishman you'd expect me to be celebrating St. Patrick's day this evening. Well I may have a dram of Whiskey (note the spelling) later to celebrate but there is a local party meeting this evening first.

Of course that doesn't stop my blog from celebrating without me.

As a Northern Irishman it is over to the Muppets to sing the song of our country.

As a Rugby fan I'm still on a high from the events around the time of the last St. Patrick's day. Ok there was a bit of disappointment on St. Valentine's day but our hearts were soon put back after being broken at Twickenham.

Mind you to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of one of Ireland's most famous exports this was the advert.

Sláinte mhaith.

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Anonymous said...

St Patricks Day is trending on Twitter. I talked about it on my show from NYC


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