Thursday, March 25, 2010

D-Day for Digital Economy Bill #DEB

Despite what your Labour MPs may be telling you about how they agree that the Digital Economy Bill deserves a full debate. Or that it is not appearing on the order papers and therefore not likely to appear before the house before the dissolution.

The rumours last night are that today there will be announcement that the 3rd reading in the House of Commons is going to get 90 minutes. Just as people will be protesting outside. It may only take an hour and 30 minutes minutes to see large holes left in the Internet and families cut off from the web, companies becoming backwaters because of the actions of some geezer on the third floor, without right of comeback or presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. That is not enough time to give the complexity of this issue debate and scrutiny.

This is not good enough.

The Bill is poorly drafted, draconian and diabolical. Worthy of Lord Voldemort of Hartlepool and Foy but not of this country and its citizens.

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