Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Cost of a Vote in Belize

Is Lord Ashcroft getting value for money?

I found this interesting analysis on the election campaign in Belize, where Lord Ashcroft would really like to be domiciled.

"The price of a vote varies country wide. But there are reports that in the Corozal South Division, a vote is worth a $1000? But in Corozal town a vote is only worth $300 and in Belize City a vote can be bought for $20 by the incumbents. Why the big difference in the price of vote buying, is not known? But obviously the port of Belize City voters are being treated as dumb cheapskates and not worth much?

"The last two elections show a growing maturity among the nation's 115,000 voters."

Maybe the £4-5 million he is spending here would get him far better results in Belize.

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