Friday, March 19, 2010

Better Greener Buses

We all know that Labour thought it was a smart idea to allow every car over 10 years old to be part of their scrappage scheme, despite the fact that some of those cars probably weren't that great a pollutant to the environment.
However, yesterday as part of Labour's call for better buses in Scotland at Holyrood Liberal democrat transport spokeswoman Alison McInnes call for that scheme to be transferred to buses.
"The bus industry is critical for vast areas of Scotland, especially areas without good train links. Scotland deserves bus services fit for the 21st century.

"We need measures to support the industry through the recession. Greener buses would help achieve Scotland's ambitious carbon targets."

So while Labour were calling for a £3 million fund of grants, the Liberal Democrats were taking Labour's own policy to its natural conclusion. As Alison pointed out there is potential for 200 new jobs in Scotland in manufacturing of green hybrid buses, just the sort of fillip that would help Alex Salmond answer Tavish Scott's question in First Minister Questions yesterday about what he is doing about Scottish unemployment.

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