Friday, March 19, 2010

An Apology You Won't See From Iain Dale or Guido

Further to my earlier post I think this is needed following the partisan line taken by others (named above)
In common with other commentators, we may in the past have given readers the impression that Conservative MPs were, in the area of Dolphin Square cash payments, paragons of virtue. We may have written sentences like "The Tories have escaped censure," and "The Tories have emerged from the scandal smelling like a baby's powdered arse, or "The Lib Dems gaze at then Tories and Labour benches (and indeed neighbouring flat occupiers) in bewilderment at the smell of Mr Sheen, who, like Tory MPs, shines everything clean." Headlines such as "Tories all square over Dolphin" and "Tories escape sleaze cash" may have reinforced the view that David Cameron and his band of merry men truly are the unsullied virgins of modern day politics.

We now realise there was not a jot or scintilla of truth in the above. We are happy to put on record that the Conservatives and indeed Labour are now exposed as not only similar offenders offenders but as those who cowered rather than asking for clarification. They should be classed as even lower that the brave Lib Dem politicians who though they transgressed House of Commons rules reported themselves to the Standards and Privileges Committee.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to our readers for deviating from our normal critical and non-partisan analysis of what goes on in our party and for believing that Conservative MPs at last had some light of hope to crow about. In future we will avoid phrases such as "we didn't get caught" and "what about you you did it too" when writing about the expenses of or donations to Conservative MPs. We thank you.
Sorry no offence Iain, you would.....err have done the same.

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