Monday, February 01, 2010

Year of the (maybe not so) Nearly Blog - Month Echo

Slight chance on the title this month because I have actually made a couple of lists.

First up In the Scottish Round Up Top Politicians' Blogs for Parliamentarians, Councillors or aspirant PPCs I come in at number three, plus second in the Lib Dem category. Also I'm in at number 5 on the Scottish Politico Twitterers. I did however also fill the Stephen Glenn position (number on list +1) in the top 20 Lib Dem Twitterers by followers, so maybe only maybe.

Compliment of the month comes from Iain Roberts in the LDV Daily view upon the news of me making a list "Recognise his genius, damn you!".

To the shock of several including Caron despite my productive and interactive December my Wikio Political ranking dropped from 45 to 50 the same number of places as she herself did in a tough month. What Wikio brings later this week is going to be interesting.

Last month I had 3,753 absolute unique visitors up from 2,667 in December up 43.2%. They made 5,419 (3,874) visits +39.9% and 6,798 (4,627) page views +46.9%. All of which are new records for this blog. My busiest day was the 22nd January when I picked up on Fife Council taking Kerry Robertson's baby from her in Ireland.

But that's enough of the procrastinating on with what you're all waiting for my top 11s* for January.

Top referring sites were:

1. (2) Google Organic
2. (3) Direct Hits
3. (4) Lib Dem Blogs
4. (1) Iain Dale
5. (5) SNP Tactical Voting
6. (6) Lib Dem Voice
7. (7) Twitter
8. (-) Britblogs
9. (-) Facebook
10. (8) Blogger
11. = (9) Google Referral
11. = (-) Norfolk Blogger

I only wrote 153 new contributions to the blog up from the 102 last month (when that was the record) so I was shocked last month, but gulping at this. The 11 stories that you've been reading most (by direct page views) are:

1. Fife Council Child Snatchers
2. Chinese Deathly Whispers (making a surprising high return)
3. *** Exclusive *** Mrs Robinson's Toyboy
4. Shortlist for Livingston Labour Candidate
5. Spotlight Robison Expose via YouTube
6. The End of Time or a New Hope #DoctorWho
7. End of Nearlyhood
8. Goldie Fingers
9. 2009 - The Stats
10. Where Now for Irish Family Robinson?
11. Bonspeil Victim of Health and Safety

Where did you all come from? Well again you remained at around the 82 countries up from 60. I feel I may be doing a comparison of the full countries at some point. So in order, and no surprises at the top.

1. (1) United Kingdom
2. (2) USA
3. (3) Canada
4. (5) Ireland
5. (6) Australia
6. (4) France
7. (7) Germany
8. (12=) Netherlands
9. (10=) India
10. (41=) Philipines
11. (9) Spain

* Hey you must know the score by now, eleven all the way. Even though I got a 3rd (which is 11 in binary).

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