Friday, February 05, 2010

Six Nations Week One Predictions

Malc is back blogging. Hurrah!! And has laid down the gauntlet of predicting the scores if the Six Nations. So here is my take on the weekend's action.

Ireland 41-9 Italy
England 21-16 Wales
Scotland 16-17 France

Game one is in Dublin. The only decision to be made is in the score. I see Ireland dominating the Azurri. The only real choice is how many tries they can run in, I expect the majority of Ireland's tries to be in the second half.

I think game two may well be between the two teams challenging Ireland for the trophy BO'D is carrying above. However, England will kick their way to victory. They always seem to.

I think Scotland will be up for Les Bleus arrival at Murrayfield. I remember two years ago partying away with some French fans in the Grassmarket into the small hours. I think they will be celebrating again this weekend but only by the skin of their teeth.


subrosa said...

I'm not so sure, I think we're in with a chance against the French. Hectic weekend though. :)

Norfolk Blogger said...

My predictions ?

The Rugby will get an extornionate amount of airtime on the radio and TV which is completely disproportionate to the interest people actually have in Rugby.

To be fair, I don't mind watching it, but the constant rules changing, ridiculous line outs which are only one step away from allowing a team to bring out a step ladder with them and the ridiculous use of rolling subs means that casual fans really don't understand it.

For me, England to have a better year, but the final table will see France top, Ireland Second, England Third, level on points with Wales, followed by Scotland and Italy.

dazmando said...

For whats its worth

Ireland 41-16 Italy
England 17-21 Wales
Scotland 9-13 France

If im right I will come back and bragg


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