Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She's Going to Vote Tory.....Cause Neither Have Got Devolution

Hat tip to Miserable Old Fart

Only at the weekend in Scotland David Cameron was saying how he and the Conservatives got devolution. Yet new poster girl Julie Fallon lives in Llandudno, Wales. She's voting Conservative at the General Election because of:

  • schooling DEVOLVED ISSUE
  • community development DEVOLVED ISSUE
  • support for children DEVOLVED ISSUE
So maybe she's only going to be voting for them in 2011 at the Assembly elections.

But then we didn't really expect the Tories to get devolution. Did we?

I mean their snuggling up in bed with the Ulster Unionists has upset some of their Catholic candidates in Northern Ireland. Annabel Goldie has said that David Cameron can effectively have sway over Scotland even if there is no representation in Scotland for the Tories at Westminster. The other week in Westminster they clearly didn't get proportional voting systems.

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