Friday, February 12, 2010

Quote of the Day - John Healey #labourfail

"In some cases [repossession] is the best thing for the people who are struggling with these mortgages."

This from John Healey the Labour Housing Minister in response to eviction figures being at their highest in 14 years, 46,000 householders lost their homes last year. His subsidied London flat he sold last year for £88,000 profit. He added:

"Sometimes it is impossible for people to maintain the mortgage commitments they've got... it may be the best thing in those circumstances."

Best response of the day

"These comments are grossly insensitive to families booted out of their home. If this is John Healey's best response to record repossession figures then he should just shut up."

Sarah Teather Lib Dem housing Spokesperson.

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