Thursday, February 04, 2010

Peter Robinson - Probe Findings

Yesterday it was announced that the Northern Irish First Minister was returning to duty (was he actually away)following the completion of the probe into his finances. The Electoral Commission's findings have been published. Here is what was found out against what Peter has claimed:

Peter Robinson source Newsletter June 2009

I give my assembly salary to the party.

Actual quote:

"Every one of our councillors, every one of our Assembly members, every one of our post holders, every one of our ministers, pays into the party in accordance with what they receive for those positions [second jobs etc].

"That means that the First Minister gives up completely his Assembly salary. As MPs, we only get a third from our second salary, but that goes over to the party.

"That would be the position for anyone who was double-jobbing in the period from the next election.

"Each MP will want to talk to their own constituency association before they make any public announcement about their intentions and some of them have started that process already."


As an MP and MLA Robinson's assembly salary is reduced to a third about £15,000. The commission found no donation exceeding £5,000. At the time £5,000 was the limit over which declarations had to be made. This is now £7,500!!!

So where is the other £10,000+? How much has he really given to the party?

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