Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Penny Saving Ideas for Pope Benny

He wants to come here and talk about natural law, but strangely omits the yogic flying element, yet sees it fit that we the British tax payer should shell out £20m for the privilege of him telling us we are wrong. Well EasyJet have offered to fly him here for 'nothing', diddly squat, gratis*.

So I think we the British public should put our heads together on how Pope Benny can talk to his flock without affecting our economy. May be we should chip together to get him one of these:

It would make the new Popemobile cheaper for him too.

Nearly ten thousand have signed the petition (have you?) to make the Pope pay his own way when he comes visiting in September, after his comments the other day. So the above acts of British charity may well be welcome. Surely it is the least we can do to trim his £20m tax burden to visit his flock. It is the 'natural' thing to do as long as he keeps out of our 'law'.

Update There is also a second petition call on the Government to distance itself from the Pope's comments.

*Need to speak the Vatican vernacular.

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Stephen said...

Natural law is just an absolutist school of philosophy that originated with Aristotle. No yogic flying required.

The Natural Law Party actually believe that "natural law" is an intelligent and infinite organising power that guides the universe. They're full of crazy woo.

It's like how homoeopaths claim that Schroedinger's cat is how their remedies work - it's because they're using it wrongly.


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