Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not Even Bartlet Sank So Low

During Gordon Brown's speech he said:

"We will cure cancer within a generation."

Of course fans of the West Wing will recognise the policy if not the full rhetoric around it, clearly Gordon's speech writer didn't want to totally wrip off the West Wing.

Bartlet in the end despite being in a desparate situation at the time didn't use this jaw dropping announcement. He decided that the people would see it as clutching at straws to say something so radical, and uncosted to try and regain popularity. It was even going to be a major part, a major build up and full stop to his State if the Union. Brown, who appears not to have had the qualms of Barlet, mentions it only in passing and you could have missed it. Big announcement buried, why? Out of shame? Out of saying you'd said it but the world had missed it?

He also said that Elections are not judgements on the past, put decisions for the future. So does that mean Gordon is not standing on his record. Well it would appear he wants you to forget about that.

Although he did say take a fourth third second look at Labour, and a long hard look at them [the Conservatives]. I would say take a long hard look at Labour as well. He said that the Conservaites were not going to anything to get rid of the hereditary peers in the Lords. Well the opposition party in 1997 promised to get rid of them, they are still there after 13 years of power. Care to explain that one Prime Minister.

Gordon was launching the phrase a "progressive future, fair for all" so I was wondering if he was going to announce his defection to the Liberal Democrats. After all the ones that are offering the fair future to all are the Liberal Democrats, a fair tax system, a fair political system, a fair start for your children's education.

But no there was no big announcement of the Brown defection, no annoncement of the General Election date. The Labour Twitterverse was all a twitter last night that this would be a big day, their Labour "Future Fair Freefall for All" slogan had been let out of the back last night. So rather a damp squib if that was the hyping.

As Alistair Carmichael says of the slogan:
"Labour's latest message to voters is 'A future fair for all'.

"I would anticipate that voters' message to Labour would also begin with an 'f'.

"The problem for Gordon Brown is that he will be judged not just on his intentions but on his record.

"13 years of Labour Government have let down those who need fairness and equality most."

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