Friday, February 05, 2010

My New Letter of Complaint re: BBC Question Time

Back in December I wrote to complain about lack of Liberal Democrat representation when Jo Swinson MP was removed from the panel. It was also the last time that Melanie Philips appeared on the Question Time Panel. She seems at present to have a better appearance than the 63 elected representatives of the UK's third largest party.

At the time you responded with comments from Executive Editor Gavin Allen:

"We have to keep a constant editorial eye out for the best possible panel and this can of course mean last-minute alterations. To ensure the widest range of political views are heard there are occasions across the series when nationalists or minority parties are invited onto the panel."

This week the right leaning journalist Ms Philips was backing up former Tory Chair Teresa May. Then on the left we had Lord Faulkner and Claire Short, along with former Labour MP George Galloway.

Along with the Chilcot inquiry (when only Galloway join the Lib Dems on anti-war marches) this week we had euthanasia (you had a very conservative panel and while it didn't come up electoral reform from the death bed of New Labour was a potential topic.

How can the Question Time team and Mr Allen stand by his previous ascertation, when we are weeks away from a General Election being called?

Last time I wrote to you I expected a considered response and was left under the impression that action would be taken so that such blatant bias on the panel would not happen as evidently as it did tonight. I am greatly let down.

I will be forwarding my previous correspondence with this to OFCOM.

Yours very disappointedly

Stephen Glenn


Duncan Borrowman said...

Well done!

Ofcom can consider complaints about programmes transmitted by all broadcasters licensed in the UK as well as the BBC and S4C.

However, we cannot consider complaints about accuracy in BBC TV and radio news or complaints about impartiality in BBC TV and radio programmes. These complaints have to be dealt with by the BBC

Dark Lochnagar said...

I think you're talking pish. The panel was made up of a nippy journalist, a Senior Shadow Front Bench Spokesman, two people who were round about Balir at the Iraq war, both of whom have been on Chilcot one an arch-critic who was on this week and Galloway who like him or not always says it as he sees it and is entertaining in the way the David Starkey is. The Libthingies have no chance of forming the next Government. Neither do the SNP who are constantly barraged by a pro-unionist press. You're in Scotland, learn to live with it.


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