Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DUP MLAs split 60/40 Over Justice Proposal

The DUP apparently last night were split 60/40 over the deal regarding justice that would probably have seen an end to the long negotiations that have been going on at Hillsborough Castle.

Sammy Wilson was unusually tight lipped about events (especially when compared to some of his utterances earlier in proceedings over the last 10 days):

"You have within any organisation your internal discussions (and) when you reach conclusions which impact on the public, then you go out and you give the outcome of those conclusions and that's what we did yesterday."

It would be interesting to speculate who is on which side of that internal party divide. I can think of a few names I'd expect to see firmly in one camp or the other but don't know enough about all of them to gauge the rest.

As it it the expectation is that talks will carry on for the rest of this week. So much for Brown giving them 48 hours before him imposed anything on them last Thursday.

UPDATE: Nigel Dodds has been somewhat more forthcoming not denying that 14 MLAs voted against the decision on the table last night. But saying that "first class unionist leader" who enjoyed "full support" of the party. He also said that those against had not threatened to resign, presonally I'm not too sure that last bit is the truth there is too much history of threatening to take the ball away especially from the DUP and some of it members (especially some who are former UUP elected representatives).

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