Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drumlanrig - The Scotland on Sunday Plagiarist

My thanks to James of Two Doctors for pointing this out to me.

In today's Scotland on Sunday the lead part of Drumlanrig's diary piece is:

What a furore over Nicola Sturgeon's letter on behalf of a convicted fraudster. Alex Salmond's defence of his deputy raised almost as many eyebrows.

As devotees of the Holyrood scene will recall, Salmond maintained that Sturgeon had an "absolute obligation" to make representations on behalf of Abdul Rauf, the 59-year-old who had been twice convicted of fraud.

Presumably that means that Angela Constance, the SNP MSP for Livingston, will be obliged to write for a certain Jim Devine, Labour MP of that parish, should he ask her for a character reference now that he faces charges over his House of Commons expenses.

An unlikely scenario in the view of Drumlanrig.

Hmm. Makes me wonder which person from the Scotsman IP address it was that read this post, with credit given where it was due on my blog on Friday. If the dead tree press take up to 3 days to publish an idea that has already been out on the web you have to ask is it original, if it isn't where have they gotten the idea from.

Although the comment from Caron at the time holds even more true here too:

"Do you know, I had exactly the same idea?:-). [Stephen] did it better, though..."

Mind you seeing as The Scotsman couldn't even get the name of this blog right on Friday, it makes you wonder what sort of standard they have for accuracy and accreditation. They certainly lack the Blogosphere etiquette of linking to the original post that inspires or is quoted.

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RantinRab said...

What do you expect?

The dead tree press have ripped me off a couple of times in the past. My local rag even thought I was Gregor Fisher, aka the 'real' Rab C. Nesbitt.


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