Tuesday, February 23, 2010

***BREAKING*** Only MP with two Premiership Teams Steps Down

One of the aspects of Liverpool Walton is that it contains both Goodison Park and Anfield. That makes it unique in the country as the only constituency with two Premiership grounds within its boundaries (also making it the constituency with the most League titles and European trophies).

What doesn't make it unique is that its Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle has joined the long list of late members to step aside at the General Election expected in May. As yet I do not have any more details, this news is just breaking. But he isn't walking alone.

Kilfoyle has been the member for Walton since the 1991 by election to succeed Eric Heffer, who like Kilfoyle was an Evertonian. He'd played a key role as Labour's North West Regional Organiser in the fight against Militant that was exceptionally strong in that area. In 1994 he served as Tony Blair's campaign manager for the leadership.

Upon Labour entering Government he had a role in the cabinet office before becoming a junior minister at the Ministry of Defence a role he resigned from in 1999 at a protest of Labour neglected their heartlands. In 2006 the 63 year old MP suffered a heart attack which had lead to a quadruple by-pass so it is expected that his health is the major reason for his stepping down. However, again the question must be asked why leave it so late if health was a major deciding factor.

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jailhouselawyer said...

Isn't Dominic Grieve going to stand down too?


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