Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where is for Where did it go

A continuing series of spelling out Conservative plans part 8.

Yesterday with great fanfare the Conservatives launched chapter one of their manifesto with their health plans. They even put this on their website. I know I looked at them pretty soon after they came out and posted about them.

What I pointed out was a lack of specifics, things which had previously been talked about and published indeed in a draft version of their plans. These were not present yesterday and it appears that the Tories really are forming policy on the hoof.

Indeed several proposals had disappeared completely as well as the commitment to the others being blatantly non-expansive.

So it wasn't just shallow, it was even shallow by Tory own standards in the last few months. What was left was vague promises and platitudes.

If this is the best that the Conservative party can give us after they themselves have kick started their election campaign into full swing they clearly need more time to prepare for Government. Maybe the Lib Dems who have been talking from the same page for years are the most prepared to take the country forward. After all our proposals are coming from principle and not from what we expect the voters to hear.

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