Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turkey That'll Take Less Time to Cook than Fetch

Kay Ure left her husband in the lighthouse they live in and cafe they run on December 19th to head into town to fetch the Christmas turkey, cranberry sauce, a jar of coffee, dog food and some last minute presents. However the weather come down heavily while she was out and she never did quite make it back to Cape Wrath Britain's most north-westerly point. For the last 4 weeks she has been living 11 miles away at Durness in a friend's caravan.

Well her husband John had yesterday finally made the 11 mile trip in his 4x4 to pick up his wife and her provisions so now Christmas can really begin for the Ures. We wish them a very Merry, if delayed, Season's Greetings. I wonder if they have Sky+ the Christmas television so they can watch it together?

At least there is one thing, the Turkey won't take nearly as long to cook as it did to fetch from the shop.

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