Friday, January 22, 2010

Tough Action Only When Left with No Option for Labour in Livingston

I suspect the emboldened line from a comment from a party spokesman earlier this month is going to be appearing on Labour election literature of whoever of the four candidates gets selected.
"There is a very strong Labour vote in Livingston (so strong that they lost the Holyrood seat of most of the constituency in 2007 mind)*. At the last general election Labour had a very significant majority and we would expect to hold that.

"Labour took very tough action and we are providing Livingston with a new candidate because we expect the highest possible standards from our MPs."
I would urge the people of Livingston not to be so easily thrown off by such a comment about the highest possible standards of their MPs. Back in June the local party gave Devine their "unwaveringng support" after he explained his expenses back in June, before he appeared before the Party's "star chamber".
*My comment, not the spokesman's.
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