Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tornados Spotted on the Forth

Well It appears that the Firth of Forth was a scene of interest yesterday.

No not because rampaging masses (or just Hoonitt) were able to skate across from Queensferry to his North Queensferry home and demand a secret ballot. Not there were two 600ft high water spouts spotted by the coastguard.

Meanwhile British Waterways Scotland has warned people to keep of the ice covered Union Canal. The canal which runs from Edinburgh to Falkirk via Broxburn and Linlithgow is currently very tempting seeming covered in ice and in some places there are footprints in the snow. However, it is dangerous to do so and although nobody has yet been reported to have fallen through the ice with changing weather conditions all the time the integrity of the ice cannot be guaranteed to hold up.

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