Thursday, January 07, 2010

NHS NOT Safe in Dave's Hands

Well not if this comment from Dr Helen Evans on Nurse's for Reform Website is anything to go by:

I had been invited by him to discuss NFR’s ideas on the future of health policy and presented a range of ideas. Amongst others, these included the end of national collective pay bargaining for nurses and doctors, the view that the state should not own or have any of its agents manage hospitals, a world of widespread health advertising (to overcome problems of patient ignorance through trusted brands) and a dramatic liberalisation of hospital planning laws. On this latter point, central government should have no say in when and where any hospital is opened or closed.

If he becomes Prime Minister I have no doubt NFR will meet with him and his policy team again.

So who are Nurses for Reform? Their website says:

"In Britain, NFR believes that the government should re-cast the NHS as simply a funder of last resort alongside an insurance and self-funder based market. It believes that the state should set free – through a range of full blown for and not-for-profit privatisations – all NHS hospitals and healthcare provision."

These are the people that Dave has been meeting with and by the comment above appears to want to meet with them again along with hus policy team if he becomes Prime Minister.

Should we believe that the aims of Nurses for Reform are in line with Dave's caring conservatism. His support of the NHS 'brick and mortar'. Well he has announced plans to offer free personal care to the elderly, but only if they stump up £8,000 upon retirement. It sounds like that is just the first step.

We can't go on like this. Dave shouldn't be allowed to set hands on the NHS.

Hat tip to Tom Harris.


Alan McCluskey said...

Surely the title should be "NHS NOT safe in Dave's Hands"?

Dear oh dear.

Stephen Glenn said...

You are quite right Alan. That will teach me to try and rush two entries in half an hour lunch break instead of focusing on just one.


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