Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Labour Chief Whip is Vile False Propagandaist

Jonathan Wallace has alerted me to the lowest form of electoral smearing I've seen yet, coming from none other a personage than the Labour Chief Whip Nick Brown MP.

Brown has said:

"Leaving blank ballot papers and lists of those who haven't voted and the ballot boxes all together in the same place overnight is not a reassuring prospect. The scope for fraud is obvious."

Well such accusations made this Northern Irish born lad laugh, then cry, then type the following

If leaving ballot papers, boxes and lists of voters overnight were such an issue you'd have thought that for the past 40 years Northern Irish counts would have been held on the night of the election. I mean if any grouping ever had the mechanisms in place to be so dubious it would surely be the Northern Irish parties especially the political wings of the paramilitary organisations on both sides.

Point of fact Mr Chief Half-Wit, as with polling stations, moving boxes to the count and at the count itself the police help the election staff oversee the security of ballot boxes. Guess what the ones in Northern Ireland spend the evening locked up in police custody, that's right they spend the night in the cells. So guess what the scope for fraud is severely cut down.

I'm sure every time Mr Brown has made a speech on election night it has included thanks to the returning officer, his staff in the hall and at the polling stations and (wait for it) the local police for overseeing the election and the count. That's right they are there at every step of the procedure.

To go on and then claim as Mr Brown does that he:

"wouldn't trust Newcastle Liberal Democrats to be left alone with the blank ballot papers and ballot boxes overnight."

Is nothing more than an underhand slur, indeed it is slanderous. Not just is it a slulr on the Lib Dems but his local returning officer and constabulary. So the people he must have thanked at least 6 times when he returned to Westminster are also involved in complicity through his statements. Can we therefore trust their result of the last 6 elections? I'm sure Mr Brown does wholeheartedly his career has depended on them.

Of course if the election count is delayed to the following night the ballot boxes will be stored in a safe place, as will the voting registers from the polling stations, as will all the blank ballots. They will be under the jurisdiction most likely of the police so as to avoid any accusations of fraud. Pity the first accusation has already been issued in such an underhand way by such a high ranking member of the Labour team.

I'm betting that Mr Brown hasn't even enquired about what procedures are being put in place to allow for counting the following day. Also I'm pretty sure he hasn't raise the issue about any Labour controlled authorities holding their counts the following day in the same way, despite by his own ill-informed argument them have the same 'access' to do the dirty. What is shows is that Nick Brown is worried about the Lib Dems making in-roads in the North East come the election, building on the achievements they have made in taking the majority on the city council in Newcastle.

Bring it on!


Ian Eiloart said...

"Is nothing more than an underhand slur, "

Doesn't look underhand (="sneaky, sly") to me. Looks like a straightforward slander.

Kev said...

Chief Whip, or Cheap Whiff?


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