Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Response to Helen Duffett - The News Rave

Helen Duffett has just posted some classic news themes. But ended with saying that her nine-year-old was raving away to the current BBC News theme instead.

Of course she is not the first person to have considered that. This is not a Troll just a part of one.

Of course there is also the 1992 Election theme, but hang on there is also someone making a bit of an impression. Plus Dimbleby showing the danger of exit polls. This was one election night that it wasn't as called at 10 pm, indeed a good example of the tension and drama of counting on the night.

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Helen Duffett said...

Yep, I've linked to the Bill Bailey bit - my daughter hasn't seen that sketch but she too knows a fine news jingle when she hears one.

I hope the BBC come up with something equally awesome for Election Night 2010.

(Always thought Wakeman's "Knights of the Round Table" riff was a bit incongruous but - what a night, eh?)


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