Thursday, January 07, 2010

Grit Levels Critical in West Lothian

West Lothian Council issued the following statement today via their website.

"We are currently at critical levels in terms of our salt supplies and must conserve these for our main routes. For example, during the recent snow conditions we have regularly treated our major routes five or six times in a single 24-hour period.

"We are actively pursuing additional salt supplies. However we are aware that every other council in the UK is in a similar position. We are also sourcing whindust and ash, which will be used in residential areas. We recognise that this is not as effective than salt nevertheless this will give assistance. The amount of salt used is directly affected by the weather.

"The severe freezing conditions hitting Scotland means that we are continuing to grit our primary routes several times a day. West Lothian Council has already used more salt/grit in the last three weeks than we use in an average winter. We have already used almost 12,000 tonnes this winter. Our next delivery is due on Monday 11 January - however we expect this to be restricted to 1,000 tonnes. Further severe weather is expected and future salt supplies will be under extreme pressure.

"We have been updating the council's website daily (new window) and we would urge people to check it for the latest position."

UPDATE: Sadly I just noticed that a Facebook Group has been set up called. "West Lothian Tax Payers for Gritter Street and filled grit bins.

They ask "are you sick of the council failing to grit your street and fill your grit bins? Then join this group to show your disgust at the lack of service we have had."

Thing is they have been doing a sterling job around the clock in adverse conditions. The main roads and paths have always been clear, I always meet the mini plough out clearing the centre of Bathgate each morning at 6:20 as I head for my bus. It has clearly been down Marjoribanks Street as I noticed on my walk to an from Tesco and along many other footpaths even the one outside my flat the other day the tracks are there.

They can not be everywhere all the time. And now that the snow hasn't fallen afresh heavily for a number of days they are able to do more ploughing. But this is an exception cold and snowy three week period. Very few of us can remember it being this bad. Yet at time of writing nearly 2,000 people have signed up instead of praising the hard work at all times of day and night that these workers have been doing for 22 days now.

Not to mention the work before the freeze took this severe hit. Needless to say I'm not joining nor linking to it.


Not the Messiah said...

The BBC's coverage of this has been a form of hysteria.

Stephen Glenn said...

That is why I'm getting and publishing the local information from the council's own website and personal experience.

Paul Freeman said...

I'm sure that not all of the 2000 or so joined up agree with the statement. Myself for example, to remember to check just to see what they are saying and also to note which areas seem to be worse than others.

Plus there are plenty of supportive comments for the council amid the complainants.


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