Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forth Bridge Worker Dies in Fall

Sixty three men had been killed in its construction, but you rarely in these days of health and safety hear of the number who die maintaining the Forth Bridge being added to. Last night a construction worker fell 150ft unto scaffolding at about 2100 and despite the efforts of police, paramedics and lifeboat crews he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Maintaining the Bridges across the Forth is an important, year round role in keeping the communication channels open. Us mere passengers or car users (on the Road Bridge) forget how potentially dangerous such upkeep can be if something goes wrong. This is the first recorded death of a worker on the Forth Bridge for 32 years.

My thoughts are with the family, co-workers and friends of the construction worker who died on the bridge last night.

UPDATE: A second worker has been reported to have fallen from the Tay Rail Bridge also to his death.

UPDATE 2: The names of the men have now been revealed as Robert MacDonald, 52 of Harthill in the Forth incident and David Rodger, 44 of Cowdenbeath in the Tay incident. My thoughts are before are with their respective families.

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