Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Did Shakespeare Foresee Such Drama on Twelfth Night, Again?

Well it takes something to put fire in the belly and heat you up on a day like today. This morning before I walked out into -9C I was about to strangle the male present on BBC Breakfast who seemed over excited that it was a mere -6C in North West England. But I digress.

So what has stoked the boilers today? Or rather who? Or rather Hoon, ably assisted by Hewitt. For Geoff and Patricia have had enough. The BBC are covering it live. Come to think of it wasn't it a January evening, though a rather warmer one, back in 2006, indeed 4 years to the day that the last long night of the knives from MPs against a leader took place, it led to me posting this in the wee hours of the morning.

On the 6th January 2006 a letter was going around the Lib Dem MPs in the commons seeking to find support for the notion that Charles Kennedy should resign. Today we find that Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt have sent a letter to Labour MPs to call for a secret ballot to sort out Brown's leadership.

The Prime Minister is doing just what Thatcher did when the plot to get her to stand aside was being hatch, being busy. For Thatcher her trip to France on business may well have been her undoing in her dying hours. One wonders what Brown's visit to a snow command centre will lead to? Indeed Charles Kennedy after the night of the circulating letter fell on his sword. Will the new day bring Brown to the same decision?

UPDATE: Nick Robinson has just hinted live on BBC evening news that unless one of the Labour cabinet comes out and says what they say to him and his colleagues all the time in private, Brown will stay in number 10. How deep is the rift below this surface?

On a lighter side check out Liberal Conspiracy's pics live from the Labour plot.

Broon visit to snow command  centre turns into a trap
moar funny pictures

Update 2:

I don't often link to Guido but this is a good take on the whole last 24 hours.

As this is a live and happening event this blog post is liable to be updated.

For example the list of who is for or against having the ballot.

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