Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ciao Momma I'm Moving Out

What were you doing at 18?

Me, I was starting the final year of my A'levels having a September birthday meant I was only just starting the first term when I turned 18. At nineteen I did move out to go to University but at 26 I found myself back home after finding a new job hard to get in London. Of course I was out the door again at 31 and have been over in Scotland ever since.

So therefore the Italian minister who wants all of Italy's "bamboccioni" momma's boys and girls to leave home at eighteen surely hasn't looked at all the consequences. What are the reasons that 38% of Italy's 18-34 year olds still live at home? Before we mock Britain we are at 34%.

The major concern is financial. Obviously it is cheaper to have all the household bills paid for by your mum or dad. Or course when I spent that time at home I as building a little nest egg, but was looking for places to move out to, never expected I would end up in Scotland where after a year of spending that nest egg on travelling to Scotland or London it was sadly diminished.

But can an eighteen year old afford to move out of home on their own? Not all of them can, so how is the Minister going to insure that instead of 18 years old cosying up to their mothers they are not cosying up to the next homeless person in their cardboard box.

Of course there does come a time when it is ridiculous what some mothers will do for their grown up sons or daughters at home, and expect nothing in return. When I moved back in with my parents I paid a nominal rent, I cooked, did my own ironing, cleaned my own room and helped around the place. I also topped up the car with petrol after use. All of my entertainment came out of my own pocket.

The minister is taking exception to some of those who stay a home not because they need too, but because their momma makes it too nice for them to actually want to move out. Having that first experience of not letting the turkey thaw out long enough, finding yourself in the middle of nowhere after missing the last connection or that washing machine breaking down with your important load in it (all Uni experiences of mine) is part of growing up. They can only be experienced when you move out, find your own place (sharing with strange people even) but they help you learn to stand on your own feet, muddle through and make decisions.

By all means make it easier for young people to be able to afford to move out, but it isn't something your can arbitrarily set a age determining factor on, we're all different.

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