Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Woman's Prerogative

You know what they say about a woman's prerogative no sooner do they say one thing but they change their mind.

On this occasion I'm very glad that said woman did indeed change her mind. On Thursday Subrosa shocked the blogging world by shutting up shop. With one thing or another, a move to a new office with incredible inadequate bandwidth I've been too busy at work and too tired after to notice her return. Yes I'd spotted the odd link to her post but was unable to read them at the time.

Having been someone who was one of the first to leap to her defence on Thursday I'd just like to say somewhat belatedly welcome back. I just hope you enjoyed your weekend off, in what must be the shortest hiatus in MacBlogopshere history (just not blogging for a couple of days doesn't count).

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