Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maybe If We Made Tiger Walk the Plank....

Arrgh me hearties. This morning some of ye land lubbers may have seen update on my Facebook or Twitter referring to Pirate Golf. That be because my elder nephew was having his birthday party at the crazy golf outside Dundonald Ice Bowl.

Sadly the weather did affect the day's play. There was too much ice outside the Ice Bowl that the preferred course Blackbeard's adventure was out of bounds. So my crew of young pirates were unable to play about the ship that is a feature of that course.

However, even on the Captain's Challenge course there was some Ice on some of the greens. But that didn't spoil the excitement of the group of little boys who were putting their way around the various obstacles.

My putting was still holding reasonably steady as the real contest was of course between the birthday boy's father and his Uncle Stephen. My younger brother have have scored two holes in one to one. But it was consistency that counted and overall we think that the muddle that became keeping score and looking after so many young golfers I did have the lower card.

There wasn't any need to make any of my nephews friends walk the plank for mischief. Though my brother had bought magic candles that do not go out by blowing. So the people from McDonalds lend us a cup of water to put them out, and the model balloon maker thought it was a good idea to give these hyper young boys balloon swords.

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