Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gately 'Connected' Party Complaint Made About Jan Moir

Remember way back in October when Jan Moir wrote her poisonous piece on the eve of Stephen Gately's funeral in the Daily Fail.

Many of us ordinary people, 25,000 to be almost exact, took to our keyboards and wrote to the Press Complaints Commission and even though they did make a special case about it on their website. They wrote back to us saying there was nothing they could do under the code as none of us were 'directly' affected by the words on Jan Moir's hard drive.

Well today that has changed. Andrew Cowles was directly affected by the words that Ms Moir wrote has launched a formal complaint. Mr Cowles was Gately's civil partner and was present in the appartment when the man he loved died. Stephen Abell of the PPC.

"We're now investigating this complaint which we are taking forward formally and we'll consider it together with the 25,000 complaints as soon as possible.

"We'll be writing to the newspaper with this latest complaint from Andrew Cowles."

Obviously at the time of the article Cowles and the Gately family had other things they needed to do in grieving for their loved one. But now after a time of mourning Cowles is looking at the allegations that Moir made about a gay lifestyle in general but his and Stephen's in particular and seeking to set the record straight.

More people complained about that Jan Moir's than any single article in history and her unpology a week later did nothing to correct her mistake. Now the PCC are looking at how this has affected Andrew Cowles along with the other 25,000 of us who complained.

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