Thursday, December 24, 2009

Council Fail, Community Pass II

It was on Tuesday of this week that I posted how the local council here back home were unable to respond to the chaos on residential streets in this area caused by the freeze of thawed snow.

Well today is bin day. However, I walked out to the shops to get some last minute messages, the the temperature was -9c here last night. So the frost was harsh again. The roads were still quite fierce as were the pavements.

Having gone downtown to get some wheaten bread and some other things I returned to find the road had miraculously become less icy than either pavement, in the same conditions of temperature and sunshine. Yes you guessed it the council work lorries were given a gritted road to get to and from their houses while for the last two days local residents have struggled and slipped and slid down the various slopes that make up our roads.

The refuge collectors however are being treated like the Queen with a freshly painted building, no ice on their route.


neil craig said...

I suppose without catastrophic warming the snow wouldn't have melted.

Jess The Dog said...

I've been cycling to and fro, rather than driving, just a few miles north. Quite fun when you get used to it (in snow that is)!

Jess The Dog said...

...I normally cycle in better weather anyway but these Arctic conditions would have tempted me into the nice warm car! Fun to sneak past the queued up cars.


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