Friday, November 27, 2009

Strictly Come Jailhouse Rock

The frontrunner for most of this season's Strictly Come Dancing Ricky Whittle, star of Hollyoaks, found himself behind bars last night on suspicion of assault. It is an unusual case of fact imitating fiction as Ricky's character is Calvin Valentine the cop who has been led to the other side of the law by resident bad guy Warren Fox.

The incident which occurred in the small hours of this morning involved a collision between a motorist and a male Pedestrian in Liverpool's Duke Street. It is not clear how his arrest will affect his appearance on Saturday nights show, even if he were to be released on bail, the BBC may well prevent the star appearing on the family entertainment show on Saturday night.

The show has already lost one of this season's favourites for the final Jade Johnson when the long-jumper suffered ligament damage in her knee during the dress rehearsal 3 weeks ago, hours before the live show. That was the same week that Ronnie Corbett appeared as the purveyor of Bruce Forsyth's catchphrases while the host was invalided with flu.

This week is the Charleston and Rock week, it may be that if found guilty Ricky may be facing some jailhouse rock.

Update: As Caron has pointed out in the comment Ali Bastian , Brian Fortuna's partner is also on the injurt list with a bad foot.


Caron said...

I don't know if you've seen ITT This week but Ali has also badly injured her foot. Certainly as of Wednesday they'd done hardly any training and she wasn't well enough even to come and get some TLC from Claudia.

Fingers crossed she's going to be ok.

Also, Ricky is innocent until proven guilty so I would expect that he should, if released, be able to appear on Saturday night. It would be very unfair if he were not.

Stephen Glenn said...

I actually haven't. Bus delayed on Wednesday (in that rain) late finishes both Monday and Tuesday. Out early evening yesterday so no red button option haven't seen ITT all week, although I did catch the end of a solo Brian one day when I got in but missed what that was about.

As for Ricky I know that. But I was just picking up on one of the rumours I heard via a friend who works close to the production team for Strictly.


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