Monday, October 05, 2009

Wikio MacBlogopsphere Rankings October

Things are really heating up in the October Wikio Political Blog Rankings with the Scottish Blogs especially in the midfield SNP Tactical Voting has climbed 6 places to enter the top 40 for the first time at 40, hot on his heels is Caron's Musings climbing 20 to 41, Subrosa has climbed but just one spot to 42, and fighting to keep up is me at 47 up 5. Is it possible that the other three of us could join Jeff in the top 40 next month?
With Tom Harris at 6 and the Cute Greek Baby at 16 that is 6 of the top 50 from Scotland a credible 12% so the Scots are punching above their weight. The full list of the Scottish Blogs in the top 100 is below, last month's ran in brackets.
Lower Down James of the Two Doctors storms into the top 100 at 82 overtaking some of last months new entries. However, Amused Cynicism has dropped out of the hot 100.
2. Mr Eugenides 16 (15)
3. SNP Tactical Voting 40 (46)
4. Caron's Musings 41 (61)
5. Subrosa 42 (43)
6. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 47 (52)
7. Ranting Rab 81 (115)
8. Two Doctors 82 (102)
9. Yapping Yousuf 83 (96)
10. Malc in the Burgh 91 (100)
Of course there is also Alex Massie's Spectator Blog at number 45, have we been ignoring him, does he count as being Scottish? Opinions please?

Update: Malc pointed out Ranting Rab another new entry I'd overlooked in going down the list looking for familiar names.
(I'll add all the links later when I have time)


Mr Eugenides said...

Re. Massie: I don't see why not. He is Scottish, after all (if we count Selkirk as Scotland).

Yes, a large part of his position is due to his niche at the Spectator, but you could equally say that Tom Harris has a national profile by dint of his job as an MP. Either way, I'd say Massie counts.

(Disclaimer: he's a friend of mine. Unless he's reading this, of course, in which case you owe me a pint, Massie.)

subrosa said...

A difficult one re Alex Massie. His blog is part of an English publication. If Alan Cochrane decided to blog for the Telegraph would he also count under 'Scottish'?

Malc said...

You missed Rantin' Rab (81) - Scottish I think...


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