Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trump Gains Right to Stabilise Nature

The European Policy for Coastal Dunes states:

"Management towards dynamic dunes should be promoted. A dynamic dune system is more resistant to erosion processes, is cheaper to maintain, has higher natural values and is more sustainable than fixated dunes."
Later today however work begins to stabilise part of the fifth largest dune system in the UK (pictured) after a decision by the Formantine area committee to give the green light to work to go ahead to stabilise them. When Donald Trump first saw the Menie Estate he thought:

"As soon as I saw it there was no question about it. I looked at 211 fantastic sites all over Europe, but here it is - the dune size and the ocean front. There is no piece of land that I have ever seen that is comparable to this."

Sadly soon not even Balmedie will be comparable with what he first saw. The prime example of a dynamic dune system cited after the above quote from EU policy is the Slowinski National Park in Poland (pictured right) which has had a dynamic dune system for thousands of years.

The Balmedie Dune system stretches for 14 miles and Trump's golf complex along 2.5 miles of that length will seriously affect the eco systems of the other, by removing the dynamacism of the dune system. It may even led to serious erosion and dame to the system in other locales. While the EU is aware of the need to protect dunes, the fact that from today work will start to lead to the loss of one of the few remaining dynamic dune systems in the EU is a sad day.


subrosa said...

I have to confess initially I thought this was a good idea for the area, but having followed Trump's action and behaviour, I'm on the side of the objectors now.

The man's an out and out bully. We were well warned from America but chose to disregard them.

dan.phillips said...
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dan.phillips said...

Interesting post re: coastal erosion. This project is an out and out disgrace and yet it marches on. It's a shame your party cohorts in Aberdeenshire continue to wave it through
(accidently deleted the first one!)

Stephen Glenn said...

Thanks Dan. What is worse is my party cohorts (some now former party cohorts) for the area have been systamatically rounded on by the party at large in the area.

But the Dunes system here is one of EU wide signifigance and it is a shame that is being lost for another links course, which actually could have been accomodated with a little give from Mr Trump without upsetting nature so much.

dan.phillips said...

Well you have a conference in Dunfermline this weekend so maybe it's time to remind them of the 'fundamental values of liberty, equality and community' they signed up for. Trump is not a man for compromise and the whole thing has engendered an unnecessary split and makes the councillors look like sell outs. In my opinion in any case!


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