Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transcripts From This Morning's Phone Log #Trafigura #CarterRuck

Carter-Ruck receptionist: (Anxious) Err....Hello Carter-Ruck partners of law.....may I help you?

Lord Alan Sugar: Yes it is Sir Alan, I mean Lord Sugar here, may I speak to Peter please, or someone else in charge.

Receptionist: (Relieved) Certainly Sir Alan. Hello Mr Carter-Ruck I have Lord Sugar on line one.

Mr Carter-Ruck: That's a relief you can put him through. Alan!

Lord Sugar: Peter. Look as you know I'm not one to beat about the bush.

Mr Carter-Ruck: Yes, of course Alan.

Lord Sugar: So to keep it sweet and to the point. I'm being retained by Trafigura. (there is a gasp on the line) And you're fired.

[Call Terminates]

1 comment:

Tosin said...

38 Degrees is running a campaign today on the issue of Trafigura and the media gag. Email your MP today it takes 2 minutes and let your MP know this should not happen.


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