Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trump Reducing Ownership Rights to Superstition - David Hume

"Rules regulating property are absolutely necessary for the well-being of mankind. But remove the interests of society, and ownership rights would be reduced to forms of superstition."

David Hume from An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding: On Justice

So a date has been set for Aberdeenshire Council to decide on Donald's Trump to use Compulsory Purchase Orders for his own commercial gain, that date is October 1. It was one thing that I wasn't able to tell all those interested fellow Liberal Democrats while I was down at Bournemouth as I have only heard about the setting of the date today.

Due to refurbishment of the Council Chamber the actual decision on what is Martin Ford's motion calling on the Council not to allow CPOs is being held elsewhere. It will be in the Gordon Suite, AECC at 10.15am , Thursday 1st Oct.

Today was also the day that a group called the Menie Liberation Front also added masks of Donald Trump and children's golf clubs at some of Scotland's most iconic statues in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Sterling. Of all the possible images I've used the picture of David Hume as it is appropriate.

A spokesman for the protest group said:

"We are dressing up famous Scottish statues as the American tycoon to symbolise the way Trump thinks he can walk over Scotland.

"This development has gone too far. Throwing families from their homes for a private development is outrageous."

Trump's organisation branded the protest, in which no statues were damaged just one American's ego, or superego. Sarah Malone, executive vice president of Trump International Golf Links Scotland, said:

"This publicity stunt is perpetrated by a handful of individuals, and can only serve to tarnish our regional and national profile.

"Gimmicks such as this illustrate the lack of credibility of those involved and do a great disservice to local people.

"We are dealing with serious issues that need to be handled in a responsible and mature manner."

If the first bit of that about a tarnished Trump image I'd say good. Although it is already being tarnished by the immature and irresponsible manner that Trump is currently walking over local people, Scottish law, Aberdeenshire Council, aided and abetted by the SNP Government.

I'm sorry Ms. Malone while the protesters may indeed have merely been a handful the threatened erosion of ownership law is something that affects a great many more of us. The use of CPOs for commercial ends is wrong and everyone who stands against your organisation on this issue is right. This is a major issue and if Trump gets his way we truly will as David Hume said be reducing the rights to own the land were we all live to the level of superstition, not a binding contract.

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Jess The Dog said...

Construct a badger set or an otter holt on the land Trump is seeking....seriously! That'll add a couple of years onto the process and SNH might even say "no"!


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