Friday, September 11, 2009

Letters Against Commercial Compulsory Purchase Orders

The letter's page of the Scotsman today has two excellent contributions to the compulsory purchase order debate in Balmedie and Donald Trump's desire to use them.

First up we have this from William W Scott of North Berwick, East Lothian.

Compulsory purchase orders are needed to ensure projects for the public good, such as roads and railways, can be completed. I am sure when the enabling bill went through parliament it was never intended that it would be used to further the commercial interests of individuals such as Donald Trump.

A point I made back in July when I wrote about Trump's Aberdeenshire Clearances. Although I appear to have been corrected on my understanding of the clearances by this letter from Sue Edwards of Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeenshire.

David Fiddimore wisely states that he sees no difference between Donald Trump's bullying and the actions of landowners who created the misery of the Highland Clearances (Letters, 4 September).

There is one big difference. The Duke of Sutherland owned the land upon which those poor people lived, Trump doesn't. There has been a huge tide of objection now that compulsory purchase has been put forward to enable him to acquire this land and people's homes and few people continue to support the development.

Councillors must realise that they face the risk of not being re-elected if they vote for compulsory purchase or abstain. If this goes through, none of us will be safe in our houses as it will set a terrible precedent.

Yeah that is true this isn't so much a clearance as a land grab. As she says there is a dangerous precedent to be had it the use of CPOs goes through for commercial gain, none of us will ever be safe in our houses. Our objections to planning will come to naught if a wealthy developer wants to make a grab he'll just point to Trump.

Hat tip to Debra Storr.

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