Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fringe Review - Pippa Evans - Your Evenings Entertainment #edfringe

Eek just found this still as a draft and it should have been published on the 15th. But having sent Ruaraidh to see the show it's a shame that mores haven't seen my review of this show.

Pleasance Beside 18:20

Even the build up to this show at The Pleasance's 'premier porta-cabin' is used for comic effect, the normal dour safety notices are springled with joke. Then when the lights finally go down we are introduced to the first of Pippa's three character of the night, the recently widowed cabaret performer. She sings some of the songs dedicated to her late man, including her part of their favourite song together, classic as you try and work out the rest of the words.

The songs are comedic, as are the characterisations. Pippa may well turn out to be the Victoria Woods of the new generation of comediennes. Her 'guest' performer from the states has turned her back on meat, depite some of her other violent lyrics. She asks for like minded people in the audience so I was the brave veggie to put my hand in the air (Update so was Ruaraidh) and ended up having a song sung to us, which eventually leads to her craving a Big Mac by the closing bars.

This show may have been in the porta cabin beside the Courtyard but there is nothing temporary about the act you will witness. Even Mr Horton of Horton Meats the show's sponsor (a poor unknowing member of the audience) gets a cameo role. In my case he was sat beside me and did a splendid job of reading out the letter 'he' had left in the dressing room. Get along to see it, you really will enjoy this evening's entertainment.


Ruaraidh said...

It's a fantastic show. Even when (rarely) the jokes didn't come off, she managed to roll with it. I'd recommend it.

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm quite scunnert by the fact that you appear to have posted that from West Calder, West Lothian.


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