Friday, August 28, 2009

Fibbing Tory Bears in the Hood Today

I see that Tory Bear is up to his normal scare mongering, telling half truths and well.....fibbing about what the Lib Dems are up to.

He is taking issue with this article published last year prior to Autumn conference which said:

"The leaders of the Liberal Democrats plan to abandon the party's opposition to student tuition fees."

But went on to say:

"[Stephen] Williams acknowledged that he and Mr Clegg were likely to face strong opposition from many in the party who felt that its stance at the 2005 election, as the only mainstream party supporting free higher education, was an important distinguishing factor."

Well guess what Tory Bear before you accuse the Lib Dems lying about the policy you should check how the vote went to ammend the policy or look at policy on the party website.

You see Harry unlike at Tory Party conference the head doesn't move and the body follows. The head may suggest something but the delegates get their say, their vote to take action as the party decides. Not only do we not just want to keep up our opposition to Tuition fees we expanded the scope of that in March of this year.

Who's the fibber now?

It appears that the above advise may also be something that Irfan Ahmed needs to take on board.


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here Stephen, the likes fo Tory Bear, Scottish Unionist and Grumpy Spindoctor lie.

That's what they do, not fib, lie.

Stephen Glenn said...

I agree but it is the accusation thrown back at him for the lazy, unoriginal, unimaginative and untrue way he tried to churn out the old pun this time.

Anonymous said...

I like TB but over the past few days he has been acting a little strange. He even accused the SNP as being "scum", tisk tisk..

However if he is attacking the Libs then thats just fine by me because it gives us in the SNP blogshere a little rest bite.

Sometimes it is hard to keep pace with the Fib Dems, oops sorry Lib Dem because they do tend to change policy whenever the wind changes direction but still, TB is a very naughty bear!!!


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