Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tory Bear Doesn't Get Humour or Copyright

When you post a picture to Facebook you are asked if you have to right to do so. However, that doesn't mean that just anybody can come an lift them. Tory Bear actually known as Harry Cole seems to take a different view and will happily lift stuff he finds on sites that demand the poster has the right to it, rename it and use it for his own purposes. Not even using the netiquette courtesy of a link back to the source. He proudly brandishes the following statement at the foot of his blog:

For a start this is 2008 and second claiming all rights when not referencing sources not your right to give away is a breach of copyright.

Second let's look at the thrust of his 'point' in the 'article' he considers 'newsworthy'*. In a workshop at a training weekend held by Liberal Youth which looked at layout of leaflets. Some of that smart youth, and I know that one of them has designed winning literature in his mid-teens, has decided to name their candidate after the leader and finance spokesperson of the party. An amalgam of two great men. They've name the candidate in a fictitious publication after two people.

Thirdly it is obvious that Conservative Future clearly can't have a good laugh at themselves. Something I'm glad Lib Dems everywhere are more than able to (roll on the Glee Club at Bournemouth). Indeed I was considering writing myself up as the 'Scottish By Election mountain goat' for the Liberal Democrat who's who. I may well do that in the revision for next year. Harry clearly had a humour by pass long before he took up his blue, furry persona. Maybe young Hague is to blame for the seriousness of young Tories, if only it had been Boris making that conference speech in front of Maggie.

However, there is a Tory trait of naming Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem Leader, Chris Clegg including by another anonymous blogger, as recently as last week, who I could name if I were so inclined Scottish Tory Boy.

So let's get this straight a large proposition of leading Tory bloggers shroud themselves in a penetrable shroud of anonymity. Take swipes at a fictitious naming of somebody in a workshop, yet themselves cannot be bothered when blogging news stories to get the actual names right. Claim to have all rights (note only for 2008) while lifting without citing source other people intellectual property.

Wow talk about turning a non-story into a story. One that highlights the hypocrisy of the Conservatives Future, present and past all too well.

* I make no apology for putting three words in inverted commas there the point, article and newsworthiness are very much conjecture.


C Leslie said...

Thank you Stephen, is greatly appreciated. :)

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

I blame the University of Edinburgh's noxious Diagnostic Society.

There is almost nothing less enjoyable that a gathering of black-tied yahoos, all pretending that they are Evelyn Waugh. Its so frightfully witty, I can feel my spleen tightening at the mere, painful recollection of it.

In sum, environmental factors maketh your Tory Bear. Poor chap hardly had a chance.

Editor said...

Wonderful stuff Stephen.

Thank you for reminding me to update my template.

Now on a couple of things- once you upload a picture to facebook you instantly lose the ownership of it. As it happens those pics were emailed to me but to be honest I cannae see facebook sueing me for copyright so we will let that one go.

Secondly my sense of humour failure clearly rubbed off on you when we met briefly (and to think I thought we got on rather well?) When it comes to liberal youth I have nothing but disdain so its any excuse for a crack really. Sure you, being a grown man and all, will get over it and find something more interesting to blog about.

Once again glad to provide you with some copy and drive your traffic up by association. Seriously though with you googling skills you could easily take over as news editor of the daily record or some such highbrow rag.

Keep up the fantastic work. Your stories about me get better every time!

Remember the old rule though big man.

Three strikes and you're out.

I make this strike two.

Lots of love.


Ruaraidh said...

Jesus Stephen, you're in trouble now! You've pissed Harry Cole off! He was on Sky that time! We're all doomed!!!11one

Anonymous said...

Whoever writes this blog is in serious need of some English lessons.

C Leslie said...

TB - Three strikes and you're out? I think as far as Liberal Youth are concerned, you're way over that. If you're not scared by that, think how distinctly unimpressed we are with you're threats.

James Harrison's invitation still stands, and I think there will be a cue.

Stephen Glenn said...

Editor aka Tory Bear aka Harry Cole

Getting on with someone in a social setting doesn't mean you agree with everything they say, do and write. Considering that group was across the political divide of course there were differing views. Of course it hasn't stopped me attacking the others present of they me. Nor will or should that stop any time soon, nor will it prevent us meeting up again.

Impose your self censorship if you want to after all that is your right, and the way Tories tend to operate, playing to type again.

I don't need to get traffic by attacking you I generate quite enough on my own. Must of it not necessarily through my own party's sources. However, I will attack you on policy or hypocrisy whenever I see just cause.

Do you really want me to publicise you feelings on Sarah Palin from the other day. I could do a full treatise on the policies of hers that your would shudder at being know that you think are great. ;)

Stephen Glenn said...

As for keeprightonline I thank you for your comments for if all you can contribute to the debate is about someone's use of language the arguement is clearly lost. Such a strong defense of your fellow Tory.

(BTW point of order check out the plank in your own blogging eye before criticising too much)

Richard Gadsden said...

Now on a couple of things- once you upload a picture to facebook you instantly lose the ownership of it.

No you don't. You grant Facebook a licence to reproduce it, but you retain copyright.

[I'm not a lawyer, but I asked a real intellectual property lawyer and she agreed]

Anonymous said...


Quit your tiresome jealousy.

I never entered an argument to defend TB, so how can I have lost one? I was commenting on your poor use of the language- and yet you insist on dragging me into your petty squabbles?

My good boy, you need to retain a sense of context in your responses.

As for your remarking upon my 'plank' (saucy)- you might wish to know that KRO is a multi-author blog, so do show me where my plank is, and I'll show you where you can stick it :)

Yours truly,


Stephen Glenn said...

Richard thanks for that was waiting for my lawyer friend to wake up before confirming just the same thing.

As for Keeprightonline, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You posted for the only time in 4 years on my blog and attack my language. The only reason I could guess for this sudden appearance was that I had written about a fellow Tory.

Nobody calls be by my surname except:

1)a few of the oversees and foreign colleagues who mistake the way outlook rearranges one's name.

2) Former Masters of the old school, from my schooldays.

3) Ocassionally friends in faux formality.

To do so after my first name has been used 3 times shows either a failure to read, lack of respect, or a class attitude that is so nineteenth Century.

As for considering a well known quote, taken from the Bible and deeming it saucy. I'd said the prosecuting barrister could rest on that.

BYW it was rude of me not to greet you and I'll get around to adding you the blogroll later. :)

Steve said...

You LibDems sure do blub and whine a lot.

Did the big bad ToryBear misrepresent your poster? Bad ToryBear! Bad!

There, there LibDems. All better now. Diddums.

Stephen Glenn said...

Actually the poster is there is full colour hard to misrepresent the actuality.

What he has misrepresented in the intelligence, humour and wit of those who created it and their intent.


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