Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time Ticks By, But the Council's Not for Turning

The official line may be 'no comment' but the current actions of West Lothian council speak louder than any words and especially those two. Anybody who was present at the recent meeting to look at how to save Livingston FC (that excludes council officials and councillors who did not attend for legal reasons) know just what a grim state the books are in.

The Council may publicly state their intention to do all they can to retain senior football at Almondvale but to turn down any hope of an alternative deal doesn't seem like the way to go about it. If they are turning down a genuine offer from Neil Rankine and Gordon MacDougall that would change the way things are done at Livingston how can WLC expect to find any business willing to deal with them as landlords should the club enter administration or receivership.

The letter I sent off to my three councillors after that meeting has been met with stony silence, the exception is Jim Swann who at least had an out of office message to indicate that he is still away. Which is a pity as Jim is a football fan who follows Bathgate Thistle and I've seen him there on the occasions that I can get to Creamery Park.

The longer this drags on, and time may be running out, and the more it gets taken through legal channels the greater the cost, the greater the liability and the less likely is it that creditors will get any of their money, let alone the offer that was on the table with the Rankine deal.

Currently it looks like the council that brought football to Almondvale is quietly killing the club off, hoping that the few thousand who still count themselves as fans don't remember.

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